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Gail Sher Interviewed by James Maynard, Curator of the Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo
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Gail Sher reads selections from her Wisdom Mind books

Introduction Listen | Download Text

Mingling the Threefold Sky Listen | Download Text

The Twelve Nidanas Listen | Download Text

Figures in Blue Listen | Download Text

The Bardo Books Listen | Download Text

White Bird Listen | Download Text

Motherís Warm Breath Listen | Download Text

The Tethering of Mind To Its Five Permanent Qualities Listen | Download Text

though actually it is the same earth Listen | Download Text

Gail Sher reads three poems at the Living Batch Bookstore, Albuquerque, 1986

(As) on things which (headpiece) touches the Moslem Listen | Download Text

For Bart Listen | Download Text

The Lanyard Listen | Download Text

Gail Sher interviewed by Julia McCutchen on Four Noble Truths for Conscious & Creative Writers, 2000
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Gail Sher Poetry Reading & Discussion, Niagara County Community College, 1985.

  1. Introductory Remarks | Watch
  2. Reading from Another Point of View | Watch | Download Text
  3. Discussion 1 | Watch
  4. Reading (as) on things | Watch | Download Text
  5. Discussion 2 | Watch | Download Text
  6. Second Reading | Watch
  7. Discussion 3 | Watch

Gail Sher, Poetry Reading, The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, 30 September 1982.

Poet Gail Sher reads From another point of view the woman seems to be resting, (As) on things which (headpiece) touches the Moslem, "Deft and Resilient," "At Length in Kit Beatitude," "To Cope On the Urge Remark," "Which Collateral Bends the Sea," "Sends Out Signs," and "Everything as She Knew."
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Gail Sher interviewed by Connie Platt, KDTV Denver, on One Continuous Mistake, 23 April 1999.