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Collected Poetry Online Edition
All of Gail Sher's poetry books from 1982 to the present are downloadable here in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. They are for personal use only. All of her poetry initially appeared in print form; print copies of books published by Night Crane Press remain in print and are available from any bookseller, including online sellers.

Gail Sher Poetry & Poetics 1980-2020

Mary's Eyes (2018)

The Moon of the Swaying Buds (3rd ed. 2017)

Elm (2016)

Early Work (2016)

Pale Sky (2015)

Five Haiku Narratives (2015)

Ezekiel (2015)

Sunny Day, Spring (2014)

Mingling the Threefold Sky (2013)

The Twelve Nidānas (2012)

Figures in Blue (2012)

The Bardo Books (2011)

White Bird (2010)

Hundred-Stanza Renga by Gail Sher and Andrew Schelling (2010)

Mother's Warm Breath (2010)

The Tethering of Mind to Its Five Permanent Qualities (2009)

The Haiku Masters: Four Poetic Diaries (2008/2018)

though actually it is the same earth (2008)

East Wind Melts the Ice (2007)

The Copper Pheasant Ceases Its Call (2007)

old dri's lament (2007)

Calliope (2007)

Who: A Licchavi (2007)

Watching Slow Flowers (2006)

DOHA (2005)

Birds of Celtic Twilight: A Novel in Verse (2004)

redwind daylong daylong (2004)

Once There Was Grass (2004)

RAGA (2004)

Look at That Dog All Dressed Out in Plum Blossoms (2002)

Lines: The Life of a Laysan Albatross (2002)

Fifty Jigsawed Bones (2001)

Saffron Wings (1998)

Marginalia (1997)

One bug ... one mouth ... snap! A Year in the Life of a Turtle (1997)

La (1996)

Like A Crane At Night (1996)

Kuklos (1995)

COPS (1988)

Broke Aide (1985)

Rouge to Beak Having Me (1983)

(As) on things which (headpiece) touches the Moslem (1982)

From Another Point of View The Woman Seems to Be Resting (1982)



Painting by Gail Sher
Gail Sher