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"The Four Noble Truths for Conscious & Creative Writers"

Julia McCutchen, founder of the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers interviews Gail Sher.

“In this interview," writes Julia McCutchen, "Gail Sher will guide us through the framework of her Four Noble Truths for writers and lead us to understand how to:

  • establish our writing environment
  • recognize our authentic writer’s voice
  • troubleshoot obstacles that tend to trip us up
  • work with process as a key to unlocking our true potential
  • cultivate and deepen our relationship with words, their inner silence and stillness.

“Gail draws from four decades of Buddhist practice and three decades of writing and teaching writing. In addition to One Continuous Mistake, The Intuitive Writer, and Writing the Fire, she has published over thirty books of poetry. She works one-on-one with writers internationally, witnessing their judgment grow increasingly precise and astute.”

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Gail Sher